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Magic Year Women's Program

We help high-achieving women create lives they truly love

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Join our 12 Week Life Coaching Program for Women

It's time to upgrade your life and design the future version of you. For real this time. It's an opportunity for a life redesign, with the community, structure, and accountability to make it last. The cost is just $865/month for three months.

A Video Message From Program Co-Creator Ryan Allis

The Magic Year Course


360° life transformation through our Magic Year course

Life Coaching Program for Women

This is a very special opportunity.

Our Life Coaching Program (LCP) is a 12 week life optimization and transformation program for high achieving women designed to upgrade your life in every major area.

We are looking for women who want to create a successful AND happy life -- and aren't willing to sacrifice one for the other.

We are looking for motivated women on the path toward creating a high-performance life, while maintaining balance between life, work, family, and health. 

The course can be joined monthly, so simply apply here we'll set up a time to talk.


WIDE - THE 12 KEY OUTCOMES OF YOUR MAGIC YEAR - 7x10 (1620 × 2160 px) (3200 × 1800 px) (28
We'll guide each program participant through re-designing their own life -- and then installing the habit stacks and consistent behaviors that are in alignment with the new version of you.

Women's Program Coaches

Coaches who are focused on helping high-achieving women create lives they truly love and uplevel every major area of life

"Magic Year was designed by achievers, for achievers, who are excited to kick their lives into high gear and actually create the life they've been dreaming of."

Ryan Allis
Nosara, Costa Rica

Your 12 Week Journey Begins Today

Each week of your journey will focus on a new habit stack, building upon the prior months. We'll start with purpose, habits, and goals, then go to people, happiness, and health, then money, community, and love, and finally sex, family, and awakening.

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Women's Program Slide Deck

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The 12 Key Outcomes of the Course

THE 12 KEY OUTCOMES OF YOUR MAGIC YEAR - 7x10 (7 × 9.5 in) (3).png

Rebecca Jean,
Uvita, Costa Rica

"Often times, people talk about creating the life of their dreams but it's not actionable. Or believable. This course is completely the opposite, providing tangible, clearly laid out steps, with an inspiring narrative that truly has me feeling up to create the life of my dreams! The days of feeling sorry for yourself are over, my friend. Is it hard yes? But only to the extent that our inner fears run the show. Getting into the right mindset is half the journey, and not surprisingly, the rest flows with ease once you're there."

Noemi Vegh
San Francisco, CA

"Magic Year is not an ordinary program. It’s a transmission rooted in the embodied truth and experience of the creator. Ryan Allis is offering you the opportunity to actually transform and uplevel your life. He does it with skill, humor and tons of compassion. Buckle up and embark on this journey. We are waiting for you on the other side."

Madison Buff,
West Palm Beach, Florida

"Magic Year has rightfully earned its acclaim as a life-altering program, with a powerful ripple effect in the realm of personal development. This course stands as a beacon of hope, lighting the path for those eager to unleash their full potential and live their most fulfilling life. If you're ready to embark on a journey of growth and self-discovery, Magic Year is the key that will unlock the doors to your extraordinary future. Embrace its wisdom, and watch as it elevates your life to new heights."
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