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Reviews of our Men's & Women's 12 Week Program

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Magic Year is not an ordinary program. It’s a transmission rooted in the embodied truth and experience of the author. Ryan is offering you an empowerment to transform and uplevel your life. He does it with skill, humor and tons of compassion. Buckle up and embark on this journey. We are waiting for you on the other side." ✨

Noemi Vegh, CEO of Vega, San Francisco

""Ryan does it again! First I have to say I have known Ryan for a number of years. He is very gifted, loving, and accomplished person who has gone through a lot, and created tremendous results and impact in the world. A prodigious creator, this is his most generous and focused work yet. Ryan has walked many roads, created great things, and simply shares his wisdom in this program with love, grace, care, simplicity, in a structured, organized, and easy to digest way. As great as my life already is, I certainly want even more magic in it, and am happily learning from such a wise wizard! Commit to going through it this year, and you will transform your life. Guaranteed."

John Taylor, Founder of Now Leadership

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"Often times, people talk about creating the life of their dreams but it's not actionable. Or believable. This program is completely the opposite, providing tangible, clearly laid out steps, with an inspiring narrative that truly has me feeling up to create the life of my dreams! The days of feeling sorry for yourself are over, my friend. Is it hard yes? But only to the extent that our inner fears run the show. Getting into the right mindset is half the journey, and not surprisingly, the rest flows with ease once you're there."

Rebecca Jean Alonzi, Uvita, Costa Rica

""I've known Ryan since we were both back in college over 20 years ago. I saw him transform himself from an extremely successful young entrepreneur who was myopically focused on success at the cost to his health and happiness into a happy, healthy, purpose-filled entrepreneur, father, and husband. When most people achieve success (even if they're unhappy), they keep doubling down because that's all they know. Ryan is unique in that he courageously has explored so many parts of his himself and what it means to live a full life during our short time on this planet. It's been inspiring to watch and learn from him at each step of his journey.  To that end, I couldn't recommend Ryan as a mentor and this program any more highly."

Michael Simmons, Boston, MA

"Magic Year is a practical, magical, and exhaustive program and course for upgrading your life. It is filled with illustrations in a way that makes it easy to find areas of interest and integrate the up-leveling info. The topics span very practical, grounded ways to be successful to creative ways to play and live a joy-filled, loving life ❤️."

Tricia Eastman, Dripping Springs, Texas

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"Magic Year is amazing. It’s like Think and Grow Rich for the modern day. It’s amazing to see stories, action-steps, guides and instructions. Not only is it captivating but very descriptive with instructions. Every time I get done with a section I get a sense energy and immediately get ready to take action. I’ve already recommended this to 3 of my close friends and said this is by far one of the most entertaining and motivating guides and programs I’ve seen. Thank you Ryan for this amazing work."

Caleb Landers, Austin, TX

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