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It's Time to Redesign Your Life

Join our 12 week life coaching program designed to help you redesign your life for what's next


A Video Message from Ryan

About our 12 Week Life Coaching Program

We help high-achievers design lives they truly love through coaching, courses, & community

The Magic Year Life Coaching Program

Our signature 12 week program for people ready to create a massive upgrade in their life. It's time to redesign the new version of you.

Magic Year Course
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Join our 12 Week Life Coaching Program (LCP)

Get access to the full 12 week Magic Year Course, designed for high-achieving leaders, our online community, plus group coaching and WhatsApp access

About the Magic Year Creator

Ryan Allis had the dream life of an American tech entrepreneur until his mom and dad passed away suddenly from cancer, showing him the brevity of life and resulting in a winding journey to find inner happiness and optimal health. Guided by his mom’s parting advice to always follow his bliss, he sold his company iContact for $169 million in 2012 and used a part of the proceeds to fund a twelve year adventure, leading to life changing encounters at Harvard and in California, India, Bali, Thailand, and Costa Rica. Along the way, he discovered Burning Man, ayahuasca, vipassana, tantra, biohacking, and a new philosophy of joyous living -- and created a magical family of his own with the woman of his dreams.  Now, he’s taken everything he’s learned from this journey to create a book and course that might just change your life in big ways. Let’s begin your magic year!

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Our 12 week Life Coaching Program helps you create your dream life in every major area of living.

We give you the guidance, coaching, and community needed to create a happy, healthy, wealthy, and fully alive life while achieving the big goals you have in front of you.

360° life transformation for high-achieving leaders
through courses, coaching, and community

Our Vision

There’s a new way of living available -- within a supportive community based on magic, connection, presence, kindness, and play.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help one million high-achieving leaders and inspiring creators design lives they truly love.

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