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Ryan, Morgan, & Baby Apollo in Nosara, Costa Rica

Our Story

​Hi there. We’re Ryan & Morgan Allis. We are an American husband and wife couple who are joyous parents to our son Apollo. We are based in Nosara, Costa Rica, but often spend a couple months at a time on extended nomadic trips to the USA, Bali, Australia, and Spain -- places we absolutely love.


We are completely obsessed with living a magic life and encouraging people to follow their bliss and live fully expressed  lives in touch with their authentic desires. Our shared purpose, or dharma, is to reimagine how human beings live, love, learn, and play -- and to share the lessons we learn as we continue to adopt an  “alternative lifestyle” of semi-nomadic and deeply passionate living. We are working on pioneering an example for a new way of living a magical family life along with hundreds of our friends in Nosara, Costa Rica. Come visit!


We are big conscious art and music festival fans – and have attended Burning Man and Envision 12 times between us. We are also the creators of the Magic Friends Festival in Costa Rica, which for now is just for our inner circle but may expand someday.


In a former life, Ryan was CEO and co-founder of a software company called iContact, which he led to a nine-figure sale to a public company and is the founder of Hive, a global community of purpose-driven leaders Ryan went to UNC-Chapel Hill for college and has an MBA from Harvard Business School.


Morgan has been a fashion line entrepreneur, a business strategist, and a biohacker, creator, sensuality coach, and prolific painter. While Ryan is the primary author of the Magic Year book, Morgan contributed many of the ideas, title, and inspiration.

Along with our friend Joe McVeen, we've put together the Magic Year course and group coaching program as a way to uplevel and transform your life in every major area over the course of a year. You can apply to join us here. We have new cohorts starting every month. 

We are here to help you design, and then create the habits and patterns needed to realize the life of your dreams. We hope you'll join us for the Magic Year Course!

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