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The 12 Key Outcomes of Magic Year

Each step in this book and the course has a key outcome. Here are the key outcomes for each of the twelve sections. If you actually, “do” this book or its accompanying course -- here’s what you have accomplished by the end of it.

  • Step 1: Purpose - A written down and inspiring purpose statement

  • Step 2: Goals - Written down and framed goals and one-page life plan

  • Step 3: Habits - An optimized list of defined habits that you're 100% committed to

  • Step 4: People - An uplifting inner circle of family, friends, and mentors

  • Step 5: Happiness - The Growth Mindset installed (life happening “for you” not “to you”)

  • Step 6: Health - A personalized Magic Morning Routine

  • Month 7: Money - Personal financial plan created

  • Month 8: Community - Living where you love with people you love

  • Month 9: Love - Creating your relationship vision

  • Month 10: Sexuality - Creating a weekly sensuality ritual

  • Month 11: Family - Creating a family vision and values statement

  • Month 12: Awakening - Experiencing an ayahuasca journey or Vipassana

Enjoy the process as you go, and send in your questions and success stories to me at!

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