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How We Created Our Magic Life

These days we live in a small beach house in Costa Rica -- near Guiones Beach in Nosara -- in the Blue Zone of the Nicoya Peninsula. We live about 50 feet from the ocean--just a few steps from the waves. We have Banyan trees, hammocks, and a garden. Two of our closest friends live with us in a tiny home on our land.

We are living a pretty simple life these days -- and we’ve never been happier. We’re creating a daycare for the area near the Waldorf School called Casa De Las Estrellas. I’m creating the Magic Year course and online coaching program (I hope you join it!).

Our son Apollo will soon be two years old -- and we’re thinking about having our second baby soon. We’ve gotten our family’s monthly living expenses down to about $15,000 per month, including housing, childcare, food, travel, car, and all other expenses.

While that might sound like a lot of money to some, just a year ago we were spending $40,000 per month living a much more complicated life in Austin, Texas. We’ve simplified and downsized--and found what really matters to us (friends, family, and a paradise location). We find that a simple life, spent with close family and friends doing something meaningful in a beautiful place, is the best type of life for us.

Simple Life - An uncomplicated life without lots of possessions or things to hold you back, where you focus on optimizing for time spent creating meaningful things with people you love.

Everything we don’t spend, we put into long term savings and investments. We’re now slowly becoming real estate investors here in the Nosara area -- and are loving the process.

Every Thursday night, we co-host a music night for our community in the area and get to see many of our friends. Soon, we’ll be starting up the weekly Garza Ecstatic Dance on Friday nights. We’ve created the life of our dreams -- through a lot of intentionality and planning. Now, it’s time for you to create the life of your dreams.

My intention with this book is to give you a guide that you can use to upgrade your life within 12 months -- toward a life of meaning, purpose, connection, and wellness. No matter how old you are today, you too can shift into a life where you are thriving in every dimension.

Will the process be over in 12 months? No, personal transformation is a continual process. But if you do the action items in this book you’ll be well on your way!

The Magic Life We’re Building

Yes, it’s safe to say… My wife, Morgan, and I have chosen to live an unconventional life. There are many differences between a Standard Life versus the Magic Life we choose to live.

Standard Life - A life stuck in a cycle of overwork and depression, characterized by a lack of meaning and purpose, depression, ill-health, and disconnection from self and community.

Magic Life - The life of someone who is working on what they love, lives where they want, has created a clear purpose, has inspiring friends around them, has uplifting habits, is having great sex, and is healthy and happy.

Here’s a comparison of the standard life versus the life we choose to live.

What type of life do you want to create for yourself? I’m here to help you follow the “magic life way” and ultimately create a life that inspires you.

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