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What is a Magic Life?

A Magic Life

This book is written to help you create a Magic Life. So, how do I define a Magic Life? It’s a life you absolutely love. As I shared in the introduction, here are the seven parts of a magic life:

  • You’re making money doing what you love

  • You’re living where you want

  • You have a clear life purpose and written goals that light you up

  • You have inspiring and uplifting friends

  • You have positive and supportive daily habits

  • You’re having great sex with a partner you care about

  • You’re truly healthy and happy

Yep, this is possible for you to create for yourself -- and that’s where we are going with this book. If you implement the habits and lessons in this book -- my goal is that within one year of today you’ll be able to authentically and honestly check off each of the above seven components when looking at your own life. Read the above list again.

Magic Life - The life of someone who works on what they love, lives where they want, has created a clear purpose and written goals, has inspiring friends around them, has positive habits, is having great sex with a partner they care about, and is truly healthy and happy.

This is the version of you that is happy, healthy, wealthy, and fully alive. The version of you with your inner spark intact and your soul truly happy. This is the life we are going to design together. But it’s not just about life design -- it’s about life creation too.

Yes, this book is designed to actually change your life -- in a big way. If you play all out with this book, you have the opportunity to design and then actually create the life of your dreams. So let’s do it. Let’s play all out. Let’s go all in on this adventure together.

Let’s design and then create lives of meaning, flow, adventure, and passive income. In our new life we’re designing, let’s leave all the mediocrity, BS, and blah behind. Let’s say no to perceived obligations that don’t light us up inside. Let’s say no to people that don’t light us up inside.

Let’s protect our souls from resignation and cynicism and actually follow our bliss. Let’s create lives of inspiration rather than lives of obligation. Let’s create cash flow engines from businesses doing what we love. Let’s prepare ourselves for -- and then create the relationships of our dreams. Let’s create lives of ecstatic pleasure rather than lives of rote boredom that feel like Groundhog Day on repeat.

Yes, it is possible. Yes, you can be free.

Can you get behind this? Is it something you want? Do you really want it? You have to want it. Give me any motivated person and within one year I can transform their lives. Are you our next success story at Magic Year?

Step-by-step we’ll transform each major area of your life -- until you have designed AND are actually living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Why did I write this book? Simple: to help people not have to take as long as I did to learn the lessons inside. I wrote this book to be a guide to upgrading yourself, transforming yourself in all aspects, and going through the process of creating a happier, healthier, and wealthier life in which you’re fully connected to yourself and others, are living an inspiring purpose, and are making your money doing what you love.

This book is written and designed as a comprehensive system for living. It is a guidebook to the process of life upgrading and life optimization.

It’s a book for people who want to capture the spark inside of them, re-ignite it, follow their bliss, and design a non-traditional life outside of the Matrix and definitely outside of the 9-5 rat race of working in a field that dulls your soul.

This book is for people who are curious, into experimentation, and want something more in their life. People who are on the verge of (or in the middle of) their personal transformation process. If you want a guide to the process of personal transformation -- well, you’ve found it.

I promise you this: if you go all in with this book -- not just reading it -- but doing all 111 of the action items, your life will change forever. So go all in. Commit now, and your life will never be the same.

So let’s go. Let’s go all in and see what happens.

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