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Purpose Statements from the Designing Your Life Masterclass

Here were the inspiring attendee purpose statements shared at our first Designing Your Life Webinar yesterday...

"Foster transformative education, empower minds, and build thriving communities for positive change within 3-5 years." - Olga

"I want to become my best self to help others do the same." - Constance

'Infinite Love, Joy and Abundance for my family, community and global audience." - Joe

"I will create a template to solve poverty, food security, housing, and income for all to thrive." - Lynda

"Empowering minds through transformative education, fostering growth, and building compassionate communities, shaping positive change globally." - Olga

"I'd like to mentor other people" - Cindy

"To live a magical life full of ease, joy, and sacred wealth that inspires others." - Karla

Thanks for coming everyone and now let's make these purposes real!

-Ryan & Joe

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