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Magic Year Book Dedication

Over the next 365 days I'll be posting one book excerpt per day from the book. Here's the first excerpt, the dedication page to Magic Year... written for my son Apollo Allis.


My inspiration for writing this book is my son, Apollo. My Magic Year -- the year I got everything aligned in my life -- was his first year of life. When he’s ready, I plan to give him a copy of this book and use it as part of his life curriculum.

Son, I hope you will use this book as a guide for creating a life filled with magic, joy, adventure, friendship, love, vitality, healing, contribution, flow, and prosperity. In other words, a magic life. If you remember nothing else from this book, remember these 12 tips…

  1. Do what you love to do. Obsess over your passions to find the gifts that you’re meant to share with the world.

  2. Miracle mornings create miracle lives. Exercise every single day.

  3. Keep living life as a continual set of experiments. Keep what works.

  4. Remember the formula for success: Vision + Belief + Action + Consistency = Results

  5. As Joseph Campbell said, follow your bliss. And as Franz Kafka said, follow your obsession. I like to combine them and say, follow your joy.

  6. The purpose of life is to enjoy it fully, be kind, learn, grow, and give your gifts to the world while lovingly training the next generation.

  7. Along the journey of life, everything that happens “to you” is really happening “for you.” Turn your challenges into gifts.

  8. Create a cash flow engine. Spend 20% less than you earn every month after taxes and invest the difference in long-term cash flow generating assets like stocks, bonds, and real estate.

  9. The secret to creating massive wealth is to build a business that makes money while you sleep. Figure this out and the world becomes your oyster.

  10. Always remember who you are: an Infinite God temporarily inside a human body. We believe you are an immortal being and that your soul will continue long after your current body ceases to exist.

  11. Find yourself an incredible life partner that you can create new realms and universes with and continue the family legacy of love, flow, joy, and magic. There is no more magical experience than having a baby with someone you love!

  12. Your parents love you beyond words. While we may not always be in these bodies, our energy is always here to surround you in a LuvBubble.

Bonus Tip: Doing the hokey pokey might just be what it’s all about.

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