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How to Read the Book Magic Year


This is an excerpt from the book Magic Year by Ryan Allis. Get the book here and learn more about our online group coaching program and course here.


I am absolutely obsessed with how Magic Year actually helps you. Here’s some guidance to make the best use of it.

  1. Read it. Read the book. One step per day is a good pace--so over 12-14 days. The second time you go through it, actually do all 111 of the action items as you go either on your own or via our online course at (for added support and videos).

  2. Implement it. Spend one month focusing on implementing and mastering the action items and habit stack within each of the 12 major steps. This will be your Magic Year.

  3. Live it. Magic Days Turn into Magic Weeks, Magic Years, Magic Decades, and Magic Lives.

How to Read This Book Read this book all the way through once, then go back and do all 111 action items in a notebook or Google Doc, or via our online course at

If you read about an hour a day for 14 days and you’ll be done with the first step, which is reading the book itself.

Then, on your second time around, devote a month to implementing and living the habits suggested in each chapter, and actually doing all 111 action items in the book. This will become your Magic Year.

Magic Year - A 12 month period of focus on upgrading all the major areas of your life. This will be the next 12 months of your life if you choose to accept the challenge of this book.

If you want to actually DO the course as you read the book (or after), go to We are building an online course there with videos, weekly content, assignments, templates, community calls, accountability, and more. You’ll get about 20% of the value from this book from reading it and 80% of the value from this book from doing it.

Read it, do it, become it.

If you live this book -- each month will build on the prior month -- so you’ll be stacking a set of new habits as you go -- and re-creating yourself from the inside out. If you fully commit to the changes, your life will change. You don’t have to keep everything -- just keep what works and what you find makes a difference for you.

Each month, I encourage you to do the action items in that month’s section. Some are written reflections and some are daily or weekly habits to integrate into your life. The positive habits that you build in the earlier section should continue throughout the year and you build one layer on top of the prior. Be rigorous with yourself and actually do all the recommended habits for at least 30 straight days -- every single day of that month. That’s how you will create massive change and lasting transformation!

So let’s say you’re reading this book in December. You would take the following year and focus one month on doing all the exercises and implementing the habit stack from each section, so that January was about goals, February was about habits, March was about Purpose, and so on.

Each month, you focus on doing the action items in that section. The habits that you build in the earlier section continue throughout the year, and you build one layer on top of the prior. That’s why I call it “habit stacking.”

I added in an extra bonus step (step 13: optimism) as well as the end. You can either do that as month 13 or replace the family step with that (if you don’t have or don’t want to have kids).

While this book may take only a couple weeks to read in full, it will certainly take much longer than a couple weeks to fully become the person that this book guides you toward becoming.

Embodiment takes time. So keep returning to this guide as you continue in life-- referencing sections as needed.

Let’s be real. Transformation usually takes a decade or so. So stay on the path and keep following what brings you alive while creating habits that create the life you dream of.

To get started, all that’s needed is a willingness to read, reflect, experiment, and implement what works for you -- and a burning desire inside of you to live a better life going forward.

Your destiny is in your hands, my friend. So don’t let yourself live a mediocre and unreflected-upon life like many people. Life’s too short for that. You’ve got a guide right in front of you now that somehow you manifested to help you. Put it to work. Take the actions. Get the upgrade.

Follow us on Instagram and TikTok at @magicyearteam. We’ll be sharing all your success stories there, so send them in as you start seeing changes in your life!

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