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Burn the Boats & Only Make Money Doing What You Love

Today is my 39th birthday. I've been doing a lot of reflecting recently on how I want to use my 39th year -- and the answer is to 110% commit to building Magic Year and our mission of helping over 1 million people design and create lives they truly love.

You see, a hard skill to master is making the commitment to only make money doing things you enjoy doing. It took me until today to 110% commit to this.

Why is this important? Well, it’s simple. If you love what you do, you’ll enjoy life so much more and also have the persistence and dedication to truly become great at that thing.

That mastery over time in the area you truly love will have compounding effects, allow you to serve others in a bigger and bigger way, enliven your soul, get you out of the drudgery of the 9-5 working for someone else doing something you don’t love, and selling your life force energy for sustenance. Stop doing that -- and instead focus your time creating and serving missions that truly matter to you in ways that light you up inside and bring you into flow where time melts away.

Here’s a letter I wrote to my wife Morgan the weekend before my 39th birthday sharing the internal struggle I was having committing to only making money helping people transform their lives and give up fully on the old ways I used to earn money -- from SaaS CEO coaching and crypto newsletter writing.


My Inner World - A Dream for my 39th Year A Letter to My Beloved on My 39th Birthday Burning The Boats to "American Fuckface Island" and Arriving Fully Into "Magic Land"

My Queen Morgan, I am truly so happy to be your partner and husband on this journey of life. Thank you for choosing me at the soul level. I am writing this birthday letter to share some dreams and intentions for the next year of life. My dream for my 39th year is to transition fully into earning money only doing what I love to do most (help others transform their lives through Magic Year). This is the year I am transitioning into full artist and building the system for full prosperity for our family. By my 40th birthday I want to have $500k per month in sales (and $100k+ in net profits) from an automated course and scalable coaching system. I want to be the architect of the system and curriculum and vision holder, and the head coach trainer -- but be removed enough that I could depart for 30-60 days on an adventure an everything continue to grow and operate with excellence. I have had to inside myself, be willing to live on less in the short-term in order to go fully into my art and service to others, which I know will actually end up making us more in the mid-term and long-run. I know you’re in and you get it. I just need to ask for your love and patience as we figure out the exact customer profile and value prop and sales model for the Magic Year course. We’re close. I can feel it. Within weeks. I don’t want to get scared and run back to CEO Coaching or SaaS consulting just to make lots of “predictable money” again. I want to earn 100% of my monthly income from helping people create lives they love, something I love so much. If that means we only make $10k to $15k per month for a few months while we figure out the scalable sales model for the course, so be it. I am feeling tender at this moment – as I sense we are right on the precipice of figuring out how to make the Magic Year course sales funnel work – but we haven’t quite cracked that last nut yet. I sense Joe and I will figure that out together over the next 2-3 weeks. I am feeling vulnerable – what if I fail? But then mentally, I burn the boats and commit. If I commit all the way to living in this new way, I know we will make it, figure it out, and thrive. Joe has made a deep commitment with me to not taking any more fixed pay and working going forward for 1/3rd of profits. So we’re both 110% in it now. We sell the course, or we don’t make it. And 100% of the time when I commit to having to sell something I’m passionate about, it always works–even if I have to do some things that don’t scale right away. We are going to do a lot of prospect empathy work to understand the needs of our customers and see how we can get them over the hump and make a big difference in their lives. Seeing this in the chat log from yesterday’s first webinar really motivated me:

  • "I need motivation to take the first steps to start a new career!" - Vivian

  • "I am in a major transformation of life meaning, career, and lifestyle." - Justin

  • "I’m out of work and things are slow due to strikes so taking advantage of the time to make a change!" - Ryan

  • "I’m just retired after a 34 year career.....feeling lost." - Constance

  • "I’m rebuilding my life after my mom died. I was her caregiver for 5+ years." - Karla

  • "I want to become my best self to help others do the same." - Constance

And seeing the purpose statements that the participants came up with motivated me even more!

  • 'Infinite Love, Joy and Abundance for my family, community and global audience." - Joe

  • "I will create a template to solve poverty, food security, housing, and income for all to thrive." - Lynda

  • "Empowering minds through transformative education, fostering growth, and building compassionate communities, shaping positive change globally." - Olga

  • "I'd like to mentor other people" - Cindy

  • "To live a magical life full of ease, joy, and sacred wealth that inspires others." - Karla

This was so fulfilling to see. After ten months of writing the book and 3 weeks of laying the foundational structure for the course sales, we will be launching the book to the Hive list on Monday/Tuesday and the webinars/course to the Hive list on Wednesday/Thursday. It’s going to be a really exciting week. After 12 years of keeping meticulous track of the lessons I’ve been learning and a year of compiling the book, Magic Year is finally becoming real, my love! For the next year of my life, I want to teach others how to apply the Magic Year to their life, in an online course format with group coaching and optional 1:1 coaching available. I want to teach others how to design lives of joy, play, presence, health, and magic. I’m excited, and thank you for your support and trust as I become an artist of service instead of a servant of money. From now on, I earn money only doing what I love and what brings me alive – and nothing else. I walk the way I teach, and nothing else. I’ve had to get over the fear that you’d leave me if I wasn’t super financially successful immediately and had to take a few months to figure it all out – and by getting over that, I’ve created a pathway for it actually to be so extraordinarily successful. Whatever it takes, I’m done with SaaS and crypto (except for selling Coinstack when the time is right). The ships have been burned, and together we will thrive in this new land of soul-led purpose. I sense this will help me further become the Man of Your Dreams and reach my full Embodied King potential. I love you. I thank you. Forgive me as I have been learning to have the courage to walk in this way completely the last few years. Thanks for helping me learn, refine, and now spread a message of magic, love, presence, wellness, joy, connection, play, sensuality, community, and so much more! Your king, -Ryan


So what’s the lesson? Simple. Once you know what your purpose is, create a plan to transition to only making money from making your purpose real in the world and through serving others in a way that lights you up inside. This is the creators way. This is the magic way. Fuck drudgery and doing only what you can be safely paid well for. Do what you love and bring your gift and magic to the world, even if you have to take a short-term pay cut as you master the skills. That’s what the world needs -- inspired people who will stop at nothing to hone their craft, get better, serve in ways that light them up inside, and give their gifts to others.

This was the gift I gave myself for my 39th birthday. After 3 years of working on things I didn’t always love to do in order to give my family a predictable income, I decided I was going to take a chance and bring the Magic Year course to the world. I’m all in. It’s only when you get all in that God will start to truly move with you.

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